SFBA CONTRACTOR specialize in the management of residential
new construction and full house remodeling, as well as light commercial
(tenant improvements, etc.) and serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area.
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Place your project
in the clearest light

Managing the construction project needs
experience, expertise, and exposure.
We are here to help you see the BIG PICTURE.
Site selection
Unforeseen Expenses
Inadequate coordination
Ever-changing Regulations
Unreliable Subcontractors
Lack of Communication
Schedule issues
Project access
Document Management
Quality assurance
The Titanic was built unsinkable.
But it went down, hitting a hidden obstacle.
Don’t let your project hit the rocks.

We Use Buildertrend
The #1 Software
For Home Builders
And Remodelers

As the Owner's Representative, we are responsible for keeping accurate records and documentation at all phases of the project. Communication and quality control are our highest priorities. We use BuilderTrend, the #1 Software for home builders and remodelers that provides real-time 24/7 access to scheduling orders, information, documents, pictures, internal notes, daily logs and much more. The whole history of the build process is kept in one place for you so you don’t have to worry about losing the control over your project.

your way

Any construction project can be difficult and frustrating.
Our goal is to guide you through this process.
We'll take care of everything
so that you could focus on your core business.
You can have a 54% return on investment
if you flip the right houses. 40% of home flips are not successful, 28% lose money on the deal. Those ones, who win, use the right tools to complete their project on time and on budget. And our company is exactly the right tool for your fix-and-flip project. Our efforts significantly decrease costs through controls verification and management.
We oversee the whole project
so that you could concentrate on your foremost business. It means that we will prepare the cost estimates and budgets, timetables, report work progress and collaborate with all the parties involved in the project. We’ll take care of permits and contracts, hire and control subcontractors, coordinate schedules, handle crises, and ensure that everything goes exactly the way that you want it to.
We have a strong organizational structure
for our projects. We have a network of reliable subcontractors that meet our standards. It allows us to efficiently allocate the workforce and deliver the projects on time and within the budget. We have clear guidelines for our contractors to ensure that they follow industry best practices.

Areas we serve

With a wide experience and a strong project management, SFBA Contractor offers its clients a high level of service in the entire San Francisco Bay Area and therefore helps them to promote their investment opportunities.

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